Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins
Rachel Collins

About Rachael:

I’ve been a dancer since the age of 5, and am currently an avid yoga practitioner, studying to become an Anusara® Yoga Teacher. I volunteer at my local homeless shelter weekly, leading a play space for the children in the home. I also write a vegetarian blog called the Blogitarian for Lightlife; a vegetarian food company that produces tempeh and various meat alternatives.

Type of cook:

I very rarely follow recipes. Sometimes I will see a recipe and use it as inspiration, but more often than not I make use of whatever I have on hand. I like to think of each time in the kitchen as a new adventure!

Favorite cookbook:

Honestly I’ve only ever used two, so I’m not sure I could consider them favorites! I’m more likely to Google whatever I’m looking for based off the ingredients I want to use.

Fun fact:

I like to sing while I cook. My mom is a chef, so most of my knowledge in the kitchen comes from watching her when I was young.