Laurie Penna

Laurie Penna
Laurie Penna

About Laurie:

I grew up on a typical American diet of meat and potatoes. While striving to find a better way of life for myself and my family, I started researching a more healthful way of eating and living. My farm to table philosophy has inspired me to come up with new and innovative ideas for everyday items one can find in their pantry or the more exotic items people are not familiar with. One of my worst experiences with “unfamiliar” food was working with tempeh. When I first glanced at this soy based food, I stared at the tempeh as one would have stared at the first artichoke wondering, “What in the world can I do with this?” I quickly figured out that tempeh is friendly to most if not all traditional cooking.

Type of cook:

Eat what you have and have the best – eat simply.

Favorite cookbook:

Too many to count! It’s a hobby to read them.

Fun fact:

Besides, cooking and having run a juice bar, I teach yoga to seniors – it’s truly how I feel I make the most difference. I discovered yoga one day when I wandered into the Sivananda Yoga Center.
I enjoy humming while cooking, strangely, “O Christmas Tree” seems to be  a favorite.