Joy DuPuis

Joy DuPuis
Joy DuPuis

About Joy:

I have recently found my niche through cooking, which I have always enjoyed. Food is a language that I get – whether it be vegetarian cooking or raw food, I am passionate about many aspects of food, not just the eating of it! I spent fours years in Homeopathic College, which has tied into ‘my food as medicine’ philosophy. I enjoy giving food trend dinners for clients and teaching about the healthy aspects of food and seeing them light up in surprise over a bite of kale salad or tempeh dish.

Type of cook:

Open the fridge and make something!

Favorite cookbook:

My first vegetarian cookbook was the Moosewood Cookbook Vegetariana by Mollie Katzen

I google Elaina Love all the time for raw recipes.

My favorite blog is Roost Blog

Fun fact:

I was introduced to cowboy boots while living in Vienna at 19 (I realize that’s a bit of an oxymoron) and haven’t taken them off since — except in winter!

I’m a girl’s girl — I have always enjoyed the company of other women and the companionship that comes with sharing and connecting.