Joann Maisonet

Joann Maisonet
Joann Maisonet

About Joann:

Growing up, I had a bit of an unpredictable life. Both of my parents were in the military, so I moved frequently. My parents did a good job at keeping some things consistent, however. We always had a warm home cooked meal and food plays a big part in my memories as a child. When I lived in Louisiana, I would eat a tower of hush puppies while my dad ate a platter of crawfish. In Germany we would go to Oktoberfest and I would get bratwurst and fries one eats with a tiny fork. I can still remember all of the rich flavors. I am continuing the tradition of traveling and  cooking at home, and have started to document my adventures in and out of the kitchen at

Type of cook:

I usually save the more complicated cooking for the weekend and use
the “fly by the seat of my pants” method during the week. An hour before work is to
end, I begin to brainstorm dinner ideas in the back of my head. Over the weekend, I
like to experiment with new recipes.

Favorite cookbook:

“The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria” I love the
visuals in this one. This book does a great job of showing all of the ingredients and
steps involved in each recipe, but still leaves enough room play around with the
recipes a bit on your own.

Fun fact:

I’ve always been a fan of garlic and onions. As a child, I would eat them raw
in my grilled cheese sandwiches. Our fridge would be filled with half eaten onions
because I only liked them fresh. Around my adolescence, I decided I might want to
give that up for obvious reasons.