Becky Collins Lupo

Becky Collins Lupo
Becky Collins Lupo

About Becky:

I have been passionate about cooking my whole life, and am currently a Health Coach and Chef on a mission to provide people with the tools to find a healthy balance in  their own lives.  I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I wasn’t always able to devote my time to my passions. While raising my daughter I used my college education in business and accounting to be an executive in a commercial real estate investment firm.   At home my husband and I keep a Vegan kitchen. I have many interests, including gardening, tennis and yoga.

Type of cook:

I love to read cookbooks and try new recipes.  I have many cookbooks , but now am filling my Bookshelves/Kindle with Vegan Cookbooks. I am the type of person who will scour the Farmers markets and near by grocery stores to see what’s looking fresh, in season and local and create my menu from there.   I have transformed my kitchen into a whole foods mecca.  I do lots of home canning and preserving during the summer months and baking in the winter.  I love to turn traditional comfort food recipes into Vegan alternatives.

Favorite cookbook:

Right now I’m really liking ‘Unprocessed’ by Chef AJ.  She’s giving me some good ideas on how to use ingredients to fill in our cravings for sugar and cheese. I also like ‘ The Kind Diet’ by Alicia Silverstone.  She has done a good job in explaining how to transition to a plant based diet.

Fun fact:

I love to crochet: hats, scarves and blankets are my favorite thing to create.

I am a Vegan beekeeper. What’s that? I keep bees but do not harvest the honey.  The bees pollinate my gardens.

I’m planning on taking a Cornell University Small Farms course on how to raise an organic Berry crop. I would love to plant several hundred blueberry bushes some time soon.

I planted my first crop of garlic this past Fall.