Amy Amoroso

Amy Amoroso
Amy Amoroso

About Amy:

About three years ago I re-invented myself as a jewelry designer and teacher. I really feel I have found my passion in teaching. I work with young people ages 8-14 to help them to create wearable art and hopefully discover a bit about themselves in the process. I sell my own work at farmers markets, fairs, festivals, home shows and hopefully very soon – online. I also volunteer for the women’s shelter one day a week and am an active member of the Waldorf Community where my girls attend school.

Type of cook:

I like to read recipes the way others read novels (though I love to read novels too!!) then once in the kitchen I work off the knowledge I have learned to create my own version of each dish – adding a little here, subtracting something there. It makes it a bit hard to recreate but a lot of fun. I like to cook with others around me and a glass of wine in hand.

Favorite cookbook:

The one I most recently purchased.

Fun fact:

I was an importer for ten years and have travelled to Asia 15 times often with a baby, toddler or teen in tow. I have smuggled my nursing babies onto tradeshow floors for set-up in duffel bags praying they wouldn’t start crying or giggling as we walked past security.