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Fermented Foods Calm Anxiety

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Fermented Foods Calm Anxiety. Health starts in the gut. So it would make sense that if your tummy is happy, you will be too! Tempeh is a fermented, probiotic protein that is easy to digest and chock full of the healthy bacteria necessary for optimal gut function.  -Joy

Our natural diets actually used to have many fermented foods that were eaten daily.  Probiotics are very powerful in pill form, but many foods can be fermented to increase the powers of digestion, the nutrient content in foods, and protect the gut from unwanted bacteria.  Many fermented foods increase the amount of B vitamins.  Here are some favorite foods, many of which can be easily made at home. –Read more @ Mid-Florida Medical Group

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  1. I’ve tried a couple of teepmh dishes before and have been turned off by how their salty taste seemed to over power any other flavors. However, maybe I had a bad dish? I wouldn’t like that facon if it wasn’t crunchy though, that’s for sure. I like my mom’s turkey bacon because of its satisfying crunch.How did the strawberries pair with that? I’m not sure how that’d go! Maybe you should try it in a breakfast sammy with crunchy bread to hide its softness!For lean protein, I LOVE beans and I also love combining Morning Star soy with ground turkey in chilis, casseroles, tacos, spaghetti sauce the list goes on.

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