Summer Salad with Tempeh Croutons

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Summer Salad with Tempeh Croutons : it’s light, it’s crunchy, it’s delicious!

• 1 package tempeh
• 2 T balsamic vinegar
• 2 T olive oil
• 2 T water   
• Olive oil
• 1 Mango cubed
• 1 Avocado cubed
• 3 radishes sliced paper thin or Daikon julienne
• 1/2 Bermuda onion sliced thin and then quartered or thinly sliced green onions
• Various mixed greens chopped
• Arugula chopped
• 1/2 Cup pine nuts

1 package tempeh Cut tempeh into cubes and marinated in balsamic vinegar, oiive oil and water for 10 minutes. Sauteed in olive oil until crisp or baked at 400 until crisp.

Add anything else you like in a salad. Toss it all together and dress it with a nice olive oil and freshly squeezed lime juice.  Toss again and enjoy.  Its light and a deliciously perfect summer salad!




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  1. JessicaSeptember 8, 2010 7:47 pmSorry to hear that the tempeh sandciwh and cheesecake disappointed. The pictures of the restaurant online look great though. Maybe the cook had a bad day?Your salad does look quite delicious though. Now I’m getting hungry!

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