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butchersdaughter tempehmeatballI was strolling round Nolita on a recent trip to New York and something caught my eye. I peered closer. It looked like a café in a green house, reminiscent of the Palmenhaus in Vienna but like a younger, more BoHo little sister. Intrigued, I headed over. The Butcher’s Daughter. Hummmm. Although I doubted I could eat there, I was pulled in by the design. “…a feminine take on an old world butcher shop.” And it’s vegetarian! And it has tempeh!

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photo-2I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a party where Tracy On, the Chef for Patagonia, was our guest chef! The food was divine, some of the best I have had and one of the dishes was a balsamic tempeh. We had tentatively asked, “Can you cook with tempeh?” “You bet!” was her response and so fresh tempeh from Gunther’s amazing tempeh oven, soon to be TempehSure, was raced over to her the day before the party, and she turned it into a marvelous tasting dish, Betsy and Gunther approved! Ron Finley, The Guerrilla Gardener, loved it as well! It’s a really easy recipe to boot – enjoy.

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3184_smI asked my friend Nicole Puritsky if she would like to be a guest contributor to Tempeh Girls. She
came up with this great recipe – we ate it for days! I wanted to use a many local ingredients as possible so that morning I swung by my friend Trish’s house and she handed me a bag and mint and lemons from her garden and the rest I picked up at my local Farmers Market. Even the tempeh is local – it was made by my friends Gunter Pfaffand Betsy Shipley. I realize fresh tempeh is hard to come by but pretty soon it may not be so difficult. I have been part of a team working on TempehSure – a tempeh oven. You can check out more information here But back to the recipe!

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